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Strelitzer Straße 3
10115 Berlin-Mitte

May 20th 2010, 9 pm

The artists will be present.
Free entrance, donations are welcome.

Duration: 77 minutes


‘Back and Forward’ is a film that is born of an artistic project, which brings together three areas of experimentation: plastic, performative and sound. In this movie the cinema is seen as a material that allows images to become: the relationship between himself and for his connection with the work sound and film over time. The exploitation of digital manipulation prints the performative body and plastic objects spectral quality, virtual, that allows one of the objectives of the project: the creation of an unstable circuit between the brain and the body.

Ruby is a character-idea which has acquired a body-structure and a body-muscle.

Demand, with the help of his own unconscious shadow, the right kind of flexibility that allow yourself to be a functional body, a body of work. To this end, objects acquire qualities and physical functions of processing material. Your body is then a sound instrument that turns brain signals into sensations – a body-braincommunicates with itself.

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