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Open Library é um site que consagra uma página internet par cada livro publicado. O objetivo é semelhante ao da Internet Archive: divulgar conhecimento, facilitar e perpetuar o seu acesso digital. Foi através destes dois sites que tive acesso a este livro alemão de 1902 sobre a presença judia em Hamburgo. Um tema que me intriga há ja algum tempo. O scann da Google tem um carimbo da Stanford University.

biking in Thuringia is a pleasure: Saale River in the Naumburg Region



View of the charming city of Naumburg (with the towers of the cathedral at the horizon). Arriving in Naumburg per bike is really great. 
I highly recommend the bike path of the “Saale Radweg“. A good way to discover one of the oldest cultural landscape in Germany.


Der Naumburger Meister. A really great show: in the perfect context of the small city of 
Naumburg whose landscape is still dominated… 



by the gothic cathedral!




 A photo of the Reims cathedral which inspired the religious medieval architecture in central Germany.



 What a great idea to invite a sculptor! There is also a workshop for children where they learn how to make small stone sculptures.