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Rosalux Art talk with James Newitt, 2010

Rosalux artist talk with James Newitt (artist) on the ocasion of the solo show “IF THEY FALL” by James Newitt, rosalux, Berlin September/October 2010. Interviewer: Tiny Domingos. Also participating: Sarah Jones (curator of the show)

Artist talk between James Newitt and Tiny Domingos. James narrated biographical details as an artist between video art and photography who started his artistic career in the field of graphic design.

The main subject in the conversation was the exhibition project showed at rosalux and the “art” to not taking sides in a conflict between two stakeholders (here the forest industry and environmentalists in Tasmania). They also discussed with the public the current art scene in Australia and the chances for young Australian artists.


<br />Tiny Domingos _ The Hound of Odysseus _… <i>von vassilieastylianidou</i>

How complex is the current debt crisis? What kind of paradigm shift is taking place in Greece right now? How does the rest of the world perceive Greece today?
What kind of action may one take ? Sooner or later? Starting out from those questions
HOLIDAYS IN GREECE opens up a performative mise-en-scène

(Invitation text of STUDIOvisits)

Performance for “HOLIDAYS IN GREECE”, a performative installation that took place in May 2012 at STUDIOvisits, Berlin.

First part
Prelude: first verses of the song “Le Métèque” by Georges Moustaki

“Avec ma gueule de métèque, de Juif errant, de pâtre grec
Et mes cheveux aux quatre vents…

Second Part

Reading of “The Hound of Odysseus”, verses 290-327 of the XVII Chant of Homer’s Odyssey with a megaphone. First in English and then in German.

English Version:…

Deutsche Version: