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Project Space, Display 3, Studio M, Amsterdam, August 2012

While I did an installation in the 2 front rooms and in the long corridor of the backyard of Studio M. Hans Kuiper decided to work with the flooded basement. He first mixed some acrylic color to the water and then did a silent performance with a broom.
Water is quite present in Amsterdam. Channels, daily rain (in August), the harbor. Basements are no exception and many seem to be flooded. I was told some parts of the city are build 3 meters under the see level. It is usual to have to pump the water out of basements. 
Curiously the water smells good. Quite maritime. The North See is close. Its seemed alive, bubbling and moving smoothly. After the performance, it turned back to its normal transparency, rejecting the color. A strong element.



This is the long corridor in the back of Studio M, Amsterdam. As far as I know it was the first time an artist decided to use this former garage entrance for a show. Hans and I were actually happy about the main building. 2 rooms and one big cellar were at out disposal. Hans did his neo-schlager performance in the main front room and later on a “color on water” performance in the basement. I will post some photos about it in a separate post. 
The 60 meter long corridor inspired me a in situ installation with found materials within the Project Space Serie. Display 1 and 2 took place in Berlin last year. It is interesting to see the place as I found it.