Video screening “Between Document and Fiction 2”, Marquee Theater, UW‐Madison, USA  

I am pleased to announce that my video Fadomaso will be presented in the framework of the following screening serie: Between Document and Fiction 2.

Please find the pdf document/handout with the lineup for this screening,
plus the artists bios and synopsises.


Dates: March 7/14/21, 2013

The screening series BETWEEN DOCUMENT AND FICTION examines contemporary strategies in film and video, within the realm of visual arts.

“The distinction between fact and fiction has become thin and at a times blurred, in part because artists have broken into the realm of documentary photography and film alongside journalists, and filmmakers. (…) By exploring limits and crossovers, artists are analyzing and questioning the effect of the documentary image, turning it inside out and adapting it for personal, artistic and social aims.
-Frits Gierstberg in Documentary Now!, Nai Publishers, NL

These 3 screenings select and show productions from around the world that redefine our relationship with the tenuous line between fiction and documentary. It aims to move beyond established categories, and to generate a moving image platform in which distinct voices rely on a common premise – the transformation of images from a documental approach into a more personal and fictional dimension, or from an initial poetic and subjective field into one more anchored on the apprehension of the real. Participant artists and filmmakers: USA, Canada, China, Australia, and Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, and Switzerland). BETWEEN DOCUMENT AND FICTION 2, as the name exemplifies, is the remake of a first screening series organized by Jose Carlos Teixeira, in Porto (Portugal), in June 2011

Jesse Aron Green , João Baeta, Matthew Bakkom, Daniel Barroca, Irit Batsry, Sylvie Boisseau +Frank Westermeyer, Joshua Callaghan, Rita Castro Neves, Laurie Beth Clark, Alexandre A.R. Costa, Tiny Domingos, José Drummond, Alyse Emdur, David Etxeberria, John Hawke, Chele Isaac, Julie Lequin, Manuel Santos Maia, Eduardo Matos, Paulo Mendes, Mónica de Miranda, Rui Mourão, James Newitt, Julie Orser, Margarida Paiva, Sofia Ponte + Tiago Pereira, Douglas Rosenberg, Kim Schoen, Melanie Shatzky + Brian Cassidy, José Carlos Teixeira, Bettina Camilla Vestergaard, Josh  Weinstein, Ingrid Wildi Merino e Nicholas Wynia

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