Friday 8 July 2016, 9pm

Installation / performance / Neoschlager live concert

Kulturpalast Wedding International

Freienwalder Straße 20, 13359 Berlin

Photo: Jacket (side), Tiny Domingos 2016, print on archival fine art paper


BEASTON projects (London) is pleased to present:


Solo show by Tiny Domingos

26-29 May, Art AthinaPlatform Projects, Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece
                         Photo: Tiny Domingos, “Kreisdiagramm 1”, Archive Fine Art print, 2016

Diagrams is a new body of work dealing with abstract information and statistical graphics widely used in the business world and the mass media. ‘Diagrams’ series was presented for the first time at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin in November 2015.

Domingos’ artistic practice combines space-related work with conceptual approaches surrounding issues on economy, identity and popular culture.

 The show is part of Foreign Affairs (A Brooks Arts / BEASTON projects / rosalux). A cross-cultural collaboration that explores the relationship between the artist as curator as artist. The cultural concept is a unique project on the subjectivity of art and curating across borders, highlighting the presence of the artist-led approach in contemporary art. What are the implications of combining these roles and subverting them to produce new opportunities and secure relationships. More information here.

Artist talk: 28 May 15.00 Coordinator : George Oreopoulos

About Tiny Domingos:

Born 1968 in Orléans, France. Berlin-based artist and curator. Studied in Lisbon, Portugal.
Collaboration with Hans Kuiper at Kuiperdomingos projects. Founder of rosalux.com (project space). Co-founder and active member of the Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives.

Recent shows and performances: Project space: ONS #6, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; X crossing lines, Galerie VG Arte Contemporânea & Centro de Artes Calouste Gulbenkian, Rio de Janeiro; Fermentation Pavilion, Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia, Milan, 2015; Ceci n’est pas une table, International Festival AREA, Chieri (Turin); Horoscopic cube, Studio Neverno, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam; TIME DOG, In Theory, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Several curated group and solo shows in Berlin and abroad (more infos at rosalux.com). Project Space Award 2015 by the Senate Chancellery of Berlin – Cultural Affairs




Bike ride to Sporklübü. Sound recording. 26.08.2013

This new work is part of the show "REMIX – 10 years in the mix“ opening tomorrow at 6 pm at Sporklübü; Berlin

My sound work is simultaneously the record of a bike ride (common transportation in the Berlin-art scene) and a spoken list of the many written messages (these are elections times in Germany) and shops names seen on the way from Berlin-Mitte until Berlin-Wedding where Sporklübü is located.

Recorded text: Departure: rosalux (Mitte). Strelitzer Str.3 (…) FAS, Alarmanlagen, Sicherheitstechnik (…) mehr Mut, mehr Macht, mehr Freiheit nur mit uns FDP (…) Naked Lunch (…) Adonis Apotheke (…) Schumacher Charly absatzbar (…) Konditorei "du bonheur" (…) Grenzenlos Café Bäckerei, Blumen und Pflanzenwunder (…) Ost-West Café (…) Hobbytrend Bastelmaterial, (….) Designdoctor, JF Casino, Der Spass hört nie auf, Le Pavillon, Begegnung, Halt, Hilfe, Musikfest (…) Obi, Ollis Waschtheke, Imbiss International, (…) Amadeus Hostel Berlin, Club der internationalen Raumforschung, hattrick sportwetten, Jasmin Apotheke, Sun world, Mond und Sterne (…) Transparente Politik statt gläserner Bürger, Maximilian Spezialitäten, der von hier, Berliner Zeitung, Berliner Bank (…) Creative Line, Brillen Meyer, Coiffeur Sultan, Lidl, Parkhaus, (…) Real, In Berlin zu Hause Brillen Meyer (…) Schulungszentrum, Schultheiss, Salon Peters, Damen, Kinder, Herren (…) Orientalische Lebensmittel, Orientalische Süssigkeiten, Coiffeur Fenomen, Handy World (…) Café Restaurant Bella Italia(…) Berliner Unterwelten Museum, Flakturm Humboldthain (…) Restposten aus London, China Bistro (…) Élégance (…) Fobijoux (…) Gemüse Kebab (…) Tele und Internet Café (…) Pokal Brunch, Schilder, Stempel, Ehrenpreise (…) Eva Högl, SPD, Gleiche Bildungschancen für alle, Mensch vor Bank, die Grünen, Spielothek, Eingang, I WANT TO PLAY A GAME (….)Labyrinth Kindermuseum in Berlin (…) Fabrik Osloer Straße Zentrum für Soziale und Kulturelle Arbeit, Grundeinkommen, das wird wohl man doch sagen dürfen, Piraten wählen, Balkan Lebensmittel Viktoria, Ralf Obers Berlin Mitte, Nicht ist wichtiger als eine Idee deren Zeit gekommen ist, Victor Hugo, Grundeinkommen, fuer-grundeinkommen.de, Eva Högl, SPD wählen, Freienwalder Straße 23-39, Real, Gute Fahrt, zu vermieten, F und M Autoservice Nord, der Paritätische… Arrival: Spor klübu 10 years Some informations about the show: Titel: show "REMIX – 10 years in the mix“ Anniversary exhibition to 10 years Spor Klübü Adress: Spor Klübü Freienwalder Str. 31 13359 Berlin-Mitte (Wedding) Tel.: 0179-8593744 U8 Pankstr./S Bornholmerstr. www.koloniewedding.de/sporkluebue Opening: Friday, 30.08.2013, 18.00 clock Duration: 30.08.-22.09.2013 open 31.08. and 01.09., 2-5pm and from 02-21.09. by appointment (0179-8593744) Closing / artist talk with Richard Schütz: Sunday, 09.22.2013, 15.00 clock Participating artists: Michelle Alperin, Mika Andersen, Sheila Barcik, Jens Becker, Matthias Beckmann, BEWEGUNG NURR & Florian Göpfert, Cisca Bogman, Iwona Borkowska, Anna Bromley, Johannes Bünemann, BURQAMASCHINEN (Chris Dreier/Ursula Döbereiner/D. Holland-Moritz), Alexander Callsen, Elly Clarke, Davis Museum feat. Danger Museum (Miho Shimizu & Øyvind Renberg), Meike Dölp, Tiny Domingos, Knut Eckstein, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Irena Eden/Stijn Lernout, Michael Fesca, Frederik Foert, Tom Früchtl, Anne Gathmann, Stella Geppert, Axel Gerber, April Gertler, Robert Gfader, Monika Goetz, Armin Häberle, Max Hattler, Patrick Jambon, Jakob Jensen, Uwe Jonas, Khan, Silke Koch, Julie Laignel, Simone Lanzenstiel, Julia Lazarus, Daniela Lehmann Carrasco, Christine Lemke, Simon Lindhardt, Adrian Lohmüller/Meghan Tomeo, LEO, Sabine Linse, Jens Christian Madsen, Gerhard Mantz, Al Masson, Matthias Mayer, Stefanie Mayer, Oliver Möst, Wolfgang Müller, Nabi Nara, Joe Neave, Susanne Neiß, Neozoon, Elva Olafsdottir, pattypalmtree, Kirsten Palz, Daniel Permanetter, Pfelder, Oliver Pietsch, Maria-Leena Räihälä, Anette Rose, Adrian Schiesser, Sonya Schönberger, Stefanie von Schroeter, Richard Schütz, Michael Schultze, Heidi Sill, Johanna Smiatek, Erik Smith, Anne Staszkiewicz, Melissa Steckbauer, Gabriele Stellbaum, Eva Seufert, Klaudia Stoll/Jacqueline Wachall, Jaro Straub, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Alex Tennigkeit/Stefan Kaminski, Eva Teppe, Thea Timm, Anke Völk, Linda Weiss, Maja Weyermann, Barbara Wille, Ina Wudtke, Sibylle Zeh, Michaela Zimmer, Oliver Zwink

I am happy to announce the first projectedspace meeting.  



Wednesday, March 13, 7 pm
up to March 24, Thu-Sat 3-6 pm 

Wriezener Straße 12
13359 Berlin

U8 Pankstraße / Osloer Straße
Tram M13, 50 Grüntaler Straße



“projectedspace” is simultaneously the title of a first meeting point at the project space rosalux and a constant flux of images: http://statigr.am/tag/projectedspace. Based on a process of trial and error and inspired by many artists, architects and theorists, “projectedspace” is about:

– space research
– formal reduction and exuberance
– construction and deconstruction
– about the thin frontier between “making” and “not making”.

areashape is a virtual space for experiments and reflection as well as a meeting point between art, architecture, daily life and design. It is a continuous research with many open questions. Space research (in an architectural and sculptural sense) is one of its main concerns.

areashape is also a tumblog.Project conception: Tiny Domingos



I am pleased to announce that my video Fadomaso will be presented in the framework of the following screening serie: Between Document and Fiction 2.

Please find the pdf document/handout with the lineup for this screening,
plus the artists bios and synopsises.


Dates: March 7/14/21, 2013

The screening series BETWEEN DOCUMENT AND FICTION examines contemporary strategies in film and video, within the realm of visual arts.

“The distinction between fact and fiction has become thin and at a times blurred, in part because artists have broken into the realm of documentary photography and film alongside journalists, and filmmakers. (…) By exploring limits and crossovers, artists are analyzing and questioning the effect of the documentary image, turning it inside out and adapting it for personal, artistic and social aims.
-Frits Gierstberg in Documentary Now!, Nai Publishers, NL

These 3 screenings select and show productions from around the world that redefine our relationship with the tenuous line between fiction and documentary. It aims to move beyond established categories, and to generate a moving image platform in which distinct voices rely on a common premise – the transformation of images from a documental approach into a more personal and fictional dimension, or from an initial poetic and subjective field into one more anchored on the apprehension of the real. Participant artists and filmmakers: USA, Canada, China, Australia, and Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, and Switzerland). BETWEEN DOCUMENT AND FICTION 2, as the name exemplifies, is the remake of a first screening series organized by Jose Carlos Teixeira, in Porto (Portugal), in June 2011

Jesse Aron Green , João Baeta, Matthew Bakkom, Daniel Barroca, Irit Batsry, Sylvie Boisseau +Frank Westermeyer, Joshua Callaghan, Rita Castro Neves, Laurie Beth Clark, Alexandre A.R. Costa, Tiny Domingos, José Drummond, Alyse Emdur, David Etxeberria, John Hawke, Chele Isaac, Julie Lequin, Manuel Santos Maia, Eduardo Matos, Paulo Mendes, Mónica de Miranda, Rui Mourão, James Newitt, Julie Orser, Margarida Paiva, Sofia Ponte + Tiago Pereira, Douglas Rosenberg, Kim Schoen, Melanie Shatzky + Brian Cassidy, José Carlos Teixeira, Bettina Camilla Vestergaard, Josh  Weinstein, Ingrid Wildi Merino e Nicholas Wynia

More info: http://www.union.wisc.edu/wud/event.asp?event_id=24247


The Wotruba Church in Vienna, Austria is a perfect example for the dichotomy and the transfer between art and architecture. Being invited for the “cocaine blows my brain…” show last december 2012, I first thought about Whitney Houston who died in February 2012 and also about so many famous and unknown victims of cocaine and crack. At the same time I learnt about the Wotruba Church – which is very close to my own interests for spatial installations and three-dimensionality – within my research on art and architecture (mostly visible in this curated tumblog: www.areashape.tumblr.com). As a result I imagined a second version of this church as a house for meditation.


Dear all,

You are cordially invited to the opening on Friday, November 30, 2012, 7 pm at Spor Klübü 
where a new work of mine will be on display. At the same time, 
I will be at the “Exit Station” opening at rosalux (just around the corner).
Looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards,



Ingo Gerken, Untitled (Richard Long), 2012

Freitag, 30. November 2012, 20.00 Uhr/Friday, Nov 30th, 8pm
Spor Klübü, Freienwalder Str.31, 13359 Berlin-Wedding

„Cocaine – blows my brain..“
One Night Show

Jan Adriaans, Sonja Alhäuser, Mika Andersen, Robert Barta, Matthias Beckmann, BEWEGUNG NURR/Robert Sokol, Pedro Boese, Manuel Bonik, Mark Brogan, Saskia Breitenreicher, Anna Bromley, Johannes Bünemann, Alexander Callsen, Jérôme Chazeix, Cedric le Corf, Anke Dezius, Maurice Doherty, Tiny Domingos, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Irena Eden/Stijn Lernout, Anneke Eussen, Michael Fesca, Frederik Foert, Tom Früchtl, Anne Gathmann, Stella Geppert, Axel Gerber, Ingo Gerken, April Gertler, Robert Gfader, Zoe Giabouldaki, Massoud Graf-Hachempour, Armin Häberle, Andrea Hartinger, Max Hattler, Vanessa Henn, Stephan Homann, Hervé Humbert, Sarrita Hunn, Henrik Jacob, Hubi W. Jäger, Patrick Jambon, Jakob Jensen, Uwe Jonas, Stefan Kaminski, Silke Koch, Susanne Kohler, Marlena Kudlicka, Simone Lanzenstiel, Julia Lazarus, LEO, Simon Lindhardt, Sabine Linse, Clement Loisel, Melissa Longenecker, Jens Christian Madsen, Gerhard Mantz, Matthias Mayer, Elva Olafsdottir, Marie-José Ourtilane, Kirsten Palz, pattypalmtree, Daniel Permanetter, Pablo Perra, Oliver Pietsch, Maria Leena Räihälä, Øyvind Renberg, Ioannis Savvidis, Gerda Scheepers, Adrian Schiesser, Mira Schnedler, Sonya Schönberger, Stefanie von Schroeter, Richard Schütz, Michael Schultze, Bernadette Schwelm, Anja Schwörer, Eva Seufert, Heiko Sievers, Heidi Sill, Johanna Smiatek, Erik Smith, Melissa Steckbauer, Gabriele Stellbaum, Madeline Stillwell, Klaudia Stoll, Jozefa Storp, Jaro Straub, Kirstine Strømberg, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Max Sudhues, Susa Templin, Alex Tennigkeit, Lina Theodorou, Eva Teppe, Thea Timm, Peter Torp, Julien Villaret, Jacqueline Wachall, Julius Weiland, Linda Weiss, Michael Witte, Gloria Zein, Sibylle Zeh, Michaela Zimmer, Christof Zwiener, Oliver Zwink 

Spor Klübü

Freienwalder Str.31
13359 Berlin (Wedding)
Tel.: 0179-8593744

Project Space, Display 3, Studio M, Amsterdam, August 2012

While I did an installation in the 2 front rooms and in the long corridor of the backyard of Studio M. Hans Kuiper decided to work with the flooded basement. He first mixed some acrylic color to the water and then did a silent performance with a broom.
Water is quite present in Amsterdam. Channels, daily rain (in August), the harbor. Basements are no exception and many seem to be flooded. I was told some parts of the city are build 3 meters under the see level. It is usual to have to pump the water out of basements. 
Curiously the water smells good. Quite maritime. The North See is close. Its seemed alive, bubbling and moving smoothly. After the performance, it turned back to its normal transparency, rejecting the color. A strong element.